I would like to start this week off by reminding myself, and you, that all the tools for being the happiest, healthiest and most loving version of ourselves are readily available to each and everyone of us.

I have conditioned myself into waking up every morning thinking about things in my life that I am grateful for and things that would make my day great. At night I think of things that I am grateful for that happened that day. I believe so strongly that the power of the mind can help us overcome difficulties in life, but sometimes, it’s hard to find that positivity and utilize it. At times, it is easier to make decisions that will ultimately harm us because we are lazy, and bad choices are easy. Why not take a moment and think about the things you are grateful for, right now? Even if things seem completely thunder-fu***d, I am certain there is something good there in your life, day, minute, that you can latch onto and appreciate. You are alive. You are awake. You are reading this for crying out loud – that’s gotta count for something? You don’t have to be grateful for the content on this blawg (though I won’t crucify you if you are) , but at least be grateful that you’ve learned how to… read!? Now that’s the spirit!

Today, I am sending out extra much love to friends of mine who might be facing a tough day. And if you are reading this, you’re kind of like a friend of mine (even though you might be a hater) and I’ll send you some of that love too – plenty of that to go around! Second rounds for all! I hope this day will be one when, if life hands you lemons, you make a martini. With a twist.

I am constantly grateful for the people I get to work with to create fun and creative content for this and other websites. Here are some photos from a  recent shoot I did with a friend of mine who is a makeup artist; very experimental looks and a fun day shooting in Notting Hill!

You see the blue cape I’m wearing? GUESS WHAT! This is a sneak peak of my own fashion label! Yes, you heard it here first! I am about to launch a line of fabulous,  handmade capes! I am beyond excited about this and I assure you, more news on this will follow soon! This is naturally a project very close to my heart and I am extremely grateful for the people who make it possible for me to pursue this project – I love you! And I am bloody grateful for you every – damn – day.

And with this I will love you and leave you. Have a wonderful day <3

xx Alexicat


Makeup by: Monnie Kaur

Photography by: Thomas Erskine


DSC03627 DSC03671 DSC03700 1f  DSC03769 1f

Makeup here is inspired by a “sun-kissed alien” !