P1100073When our fine friends from Stockholm decide to grace us with their magnificent presence, there is little choice but to get “rowdy”. Which is why the rowdiest of all, Rowdy Riley, made sure to plan an awesome weekend for us with an itinerary completely in line with my own tastes.

Us Londoner’s felt a specifically pressing responsibility this weekend in terms of brainwashing showing them a good time, since it had been said that Magnus doesn’t like London. (???!!!) Oh, the treason! Hence, knowing we had to make the man feel more at home – we reasoned that “indulgent debauchery” was the way to go forward. This went hand in hand with the fact that it was Madeleine’s birthday, which essentially meant all bets were off.

The weekend kicked off with dinner at Loulou’s and some late night shenanigans at Beat. The next day, it was sunny and beautiful so naturally, AlexiCat came out to play in my super cool cat sunglasses by Anna Karin Karlsson. Perfect for pea-cocking. Our five hour lunch complete with rosé and Bloody Mary’s at Cecconi’s was hands down the best lunch in a long, long time! Afterwards, we headed home to Riley’s brother for some rooftop hangout. Upon seeing the barbecue I loudly declared that “We will be having LOADS of barbecues here this summer”. He was like, sure, first time you’re here, glad you feel at home.

The same evening, we went to Coya for dinner. Highly recommended, wonderful food (Chilean sea bass!) and obviously a truckload of Espresso Martini’s to revive us from the day’s hectic activities. After this civilised meal, the extra civilised among us headed to some members club or other, while the not so civilised headed to a rave in King’s Cross. I belong to the latter category. Solomun played at The Egg, this famed institution of all things dirty, so thats where I went, ready to sully my pristine heels. Gabriella had decided to leave me alone on this venture and perhaps this was a good idea – the lady is not a big fan of this type of music, and the fact that it pretty much dripped with heat from the ceiling would maybe not have agreed with her idea of a good time. Not that that a dripping ceiling is a prerequisite for me in order to have a good time, but you know, when in Rome.

Definitely one of the most awesome weekends in a long, long time. I reckon we did our very outmost in terms of brainwashing and the results were beyond expectation, with Magnus declaring “We want to move to London!”

Just come along, sweet friends, I’ll be your guide to all things civilised and dirty. I’m very versatile that way.





Go on now, have another Espresso Martini.