Every year on the 28th of December, Russell Simmons has a big party. I’ve been going to these parties since way before I was legal, and it’s always so much fun! I wore a long lace dress by talented Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt, it was a big success- I was sweeping around on the beach, mingling  with new and old friends from all over the world. The way you dress on vacation is so different from when you’re home- my own wardrobe seems to have undergone a complete Barbie-fication. Well if there’s one place you can get away with it, it’s here. Barbifie or die, bitches! The pink dress I’m wearing is from American Apparel.

Last night, we had booked a big dinner for 15 people at Le Ti St Barths (we obviously ended up being like 25 people- the more the merrier!) This restaurant is completely wild! They have girls dancing in little sailor costumes, loud music, neon lights and lots and lots of fun! At one point I found myself looking over at the table next to us, and I felt a bit bad for the family who was sitting there- had they known what kind of place they were dining at when they booked it? Perhaps it’s not the best dinner place for 11 year old kids and their grandparents… On the other hand, might as well get them started young! Dinner ended with everyone raiding the dress up closet in the back of the restaurant- given my love for playing dress up, you can imagine my delight! I donned a Batman costume and a white wig, stunning combo. After dancing on the tables until closing time, everyone wanted to do an after party at someones house. But I can tell you that for once I was a good girl and gracefully RSVP’d NO to it this time. Youngest bro Fredrik on the other hand, went, and he told us all about it today at lunch. Apparently, the police came and shut the after party down because they were playing too loud music. Jesus, people; let the kids party!



Had lunch at Eden Rock with these two fantastic boys, Bobby and Ezra. Love them!


After lunch, everyone went to Nikki Beach. I was there for 5 minutes before I realised that spraying Champagne was not really on my agenda for the day… No thanks! Instead I went for a walk around the mountain here, and found this adorable baby turtle!

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With the camera shy graffiti artist Alec Monopoly

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