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I did  Kung Fu in an old courthouse. Correction; an old, haunted, courthouse. A friend of mine has bought this historic building, Old Sessions House, in Farringdon, and it’s about to become a wine bar, restaurant, roof top pool terrace, food court; place I wanna be! I got a grand tour of the building on Saturday, and seeing as my friend is a bit of a Kung Fu aficionado, we busted some moves (I still have bruises on my legs) in the area where the judges used to eat, feast, gossip. We also meditated, sang some country songs and talked about Tantra camps in India (how is this not on everyone’s travel itinerary?)

The building is magnificent. The lower ground floor is where they used to hold prisoners, and legend has it that the place is haunted. I didn’t sense any spirits this time, but should they make themselves known in the future, I’m pretty friendly with a couple good mediums. You let me know guys; I’ll hook you up.

Other weekend shenanigans included an impromptu crashing of a Norwegian pre-bachelorette party at The Box, a concert at The Royal Albert Hall with Rodriguez (love!) and strolling around Notting Hill in a velvet cape and checking out the vintage stalls on the Portobello Road market. Ah London, I love you!

xx Alexia


IMG_2856Ribbet collage


Here I am enjoying the sun on the roof of the courthouse. Wow, my photoshop skillz are mad.