P1070619I like to consider myself a bit of a show off, but last night, I found I had met my equals, in terms of peacocking. Super cool brand Kokon To Zai (KTZ) had their post-show after party at the Sanderson hotel on Berner Street, and the fashion crowd gathered in all its glory. KTZ makes possibly the coolest street clothes you’re likely to see in a while- I’m a particular fan of the bomber jackets. It all started with DJ Sasko Bezovski opening up the retail stores “Kokontozai” in Paris and London, and these creative superstores later grew into a collaboration with Marjan Pejovski, thus birthing the label KTZ. The show earlier that day at Somerset House was a big success and now, after a strenuous fashion week, the peeps wanted to party.

I arrived solo, but being a professional mingler and all, I had no problem finding new friends in this hubbub of all things eccentric and cool. The place was bursting with creative and innovative people- my Gawd! Some very cool outfits indeed! I met two guys who wore the Vivienne Westwood Pharrell hat, way better than the legend himself did. I felt like a million bucks when hot model dudes peppered me with questions such as “what agency are you with”- oh, shucks! Big commotion ensued over my own jacket- a vintage Escada piece, since you ask. One model- man at the bar declared loudly to me that it was time to go and dance with the MILF’s. What? As far as my trained eye could see, there were no Parental Units to be found. Is it code for Model I’d like to fuck? No, no dahling! Motherfuckers I’d like to fuck. Ah, glad we cleared that up.

When a dope remix of Beyoncé “Drunk in Love” came on, the roof practically lifted- it was as if she was actually in the house. Dear ol’ Yoncé clearly transcends the delicate border between mainstream and hipster- good for her!

One girl in the Ladies Room told everyone how she had been to Ellie Goulding’s house earlier that day to dress her for the ELLE style awards. The question on everyone’s lip was, how was her rack? Incredible, apparently! At one point, it seemed like a couple of Banker’s sneaked in (probably to try and hit it with the models) and they looked as malplace as a 90’s boob job in Vogue. Boys, at events like these, better leave the suit and tie to Tinie.

I guess I leave this fashion week knowing that I need to do some shopping, and that Ellie Goulding has really good boobs. À bientôt!

For more info and to shop the KTZ collection, head to http://www.kokontozai.co.uk 

(All pictures were taken by me at the KTZ A/W14 after party, hosted exclusively at Sanderson, London) 

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