I am a total beauty junkie- wild horses can’t stop me when I’m on a roll in the make up department! When I’m on holiday in the sun, my habits change slightly. First of all, I don’t like to wear a lot of make up (none during the days, little in the evenings). Above is a picture of some products I found myself loving this Christmas while vacating in St Barths. From left to right:

Clarins Blush Prodige in 05 Rose Wood. Good bronzer for a fair skinned lady.

Benefit They’re Real! Mascara. The brush is really amazing for getting to the corners, to the bottom, to the top… of my rather short lashes.

Philip Kingsley Swimcap. My hairstylist in London wouldn’t let me leave town without it, and I’m glad she was so persistent. It’s been a real saviour! Put it in damp hair before going swimming and I swear- what would normally come out as a dry birds nest is now silky smooth.

Clinique Superprimer. I’m not usually a big Clinique fan, but this one is da bomb. I’ve tried many different primers in my days, and this one gives an unprecedented matte finish, ideal for this warm weather!

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat gives a great shine to the nails. Great for topping up a few days into your manicure.

Idalmi Nail Lacquer in Fort Gustavia. As I’ve previously mentioned- I loved my mani pedi at Idalmi in Gustavia. I like that these nail polishes can only be bought on the island- I’m a sucker for one-off’s!

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in 02 Cognac Sable. This little gem follows me everywhere- layer the different colors for a heavier, smoky look, or do as I do when I’m here: just use the light, golden shade to give some sparkle to the eye. I use a MAC blending brush, and I blend, blend, blend…

And the make up bag can be bought for €39 in the St Barth’s gift shop 🙂


My friends are always teasing me because of my super pale skin. Well, excuse me if I don’t want to look like a crocodile Birkin by the time I’m 40! My skin is extremely sensitive to the sun- in fact, I’ve developed a kind of allergy to it! Oh, horror! I don’t really tan that much, but when I do (and even if I’m sitting in the shade) these products are absolute lifesavers. I’m not kidding when I tell you, about the Institut Esthederm products at least: I will not go in the sun without them. They’re not cheap, but I honestly don’t think you can put a price on perfect skin. From left to right

Institut Esthederm Intolerance Solaire High Protection Body Spray. If you are sensitive to the sun, or have very sensitive skin, this is the best. There will be no rashes or burns with this one!

Laboritoire Gabriel Couizian Paris Lait Creme Reparateur. Extremely thick- so thick in fact, that I sometimes mix it with my normal body cream. But, it’s really fantastic when you get dry after the sun, especially those first few days!

Institut Esthederm Into Repair Intolerance Solaire. This is, hands down, my favourite sun product in the world. I discovered it a couple of years ago, and now it’s a must in my beauty regime. Without this, there’s no knowing what will happen to my face… Barbecue comes to mind, though. There is no SPF labelled on the bottle, but that’s because it’s pretty much a total block. This one is not though- but they do have one that is! If you’re like me, and very careful not to burn your face, this is the ticket (while still getting a little bit of a tan!)


I’m very particular about cleansing, toning and moisturising. This year, I discovered La Roche Posay (how have I not tried this before!?)

La Roche Posay Respectissime. Absolutely amazing eye make up remover! Magic!

La Roche Posay Lotion Apaisante Physiologique. Great, fresh toner that doesn’t dry your skin.

La Roche Posay Lait Demaquillant Physioloqique. Mild cleansing lotion. Amazing.

Avene. Always use a good eye cream- this one is very nice!


Please don’t visit this island without buying these products. If you wanna go mental on their stuff, go to their shop, they’re perfumery, where they make everything in store! Otherwise, you can buy it pretty much anywhere on the island, in all the local pharmacies. These products can also be bought overseas, but it somehow feels better to buy it here!

Ligne St Barth Lotion Spf 30. Deliciously smooth sun protection €26.50

Ligne St Barth Creme au Beaurre Mangue for Dry Skin. I absolutely adore this product. Rich and creamy but without being heavy- this is great to use when you get back to cold and rainy home, so you can preserve your tan for longer! €59.00