An American friend of mine once remarked how, when us Swedes have a party, we seem to always be dressed in ball gowns and tuxedos. This sentiment was discussed briefly before the epic #HB25 birthday party this Saturday, with a certain Norwegian friend quite accurately bringing our attention to the facts:

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2 - eWl4G7X

So gather ye ball gowns, tighten yer tux, for party season in Sweden has officially started! An honest question to all of you: is there anything sexier than a hot man in a good dinner jacket? I really don’t think so, but perhaps my own judgement is clouded by my deep need to think that I am a Bond gal in the movie of My Life. Hmm what would my Bond name be? Would I be good or evil? Alexicat Wanderlust, Swedish master of disguise, at your service. Moral affiliation: Uncertain.

The reason for my sudden visit to the motherland was of course to celebrate one of my dear friends’ 25th birthday – say happy birthday to Mr Brodin! Mr Brodin is, as it happens, a fine example of aforementioned sexiness in a tux. Last Saturday, Mr B had invited 120 or so of his closest friends to his beautiful home a short drive away from the Stockholm city centre. So everyone you know, and a couple more were here tonight and I feel very sorry for those who couldn’t make it – I haven’t had this much fun since like, the Bond game for Nintendo 64 came out. It appears that all the other guests felt the same – it was a pretty wild evening, with people dancing well into the night. Apparently, one guest even had so much fun she flat out refused to leave the premises?

On behalf of all the guests, I extend a massive thank you for a fantastic party to the Brodin family – this family certainly know how to have a good time. Now I suggest all of you head straight out to the dry cleaners and get those tuxes done up nicely. Or, by all means, come dressed as a farmer next time. The toilet store is that way.



 All will go according to plan.

P1120599 - Version 2 P1120610

You don’t honestly expect me not to pose the shit outta this?


The three Bergstrom siblings representin’


Schtugie, The Norwegian Rascal


 Ebba looking mighty fine in that blue velvet



P1120733 P1120740

Beautiful Sophie, who just got engaged to her man Axel! Congratulations to an awesome twosome


Agnes looking hawt


The DJ for the evening, our very own DPop, spun some good tuneage



Gerard has a good view, I think!



Always a pleasure: I was seated next to John at dinner


The lovely Kozena sisters flew in to party with us! Here is Brigitte with Trolle


Mona sips a tasty drink


Nikolina den Fina


 Alexandra looking beautiful in blue


 Norna and Hugo sharing a smooch

P1120797 P1120804

Super hot host


Brunette beauties – Emily and Ebba

P1120813 P1120815


All the speeches this evening were truly amazing, but the mother of the host deserves a special mention. So funny and so good!

P1120828 P1120831 P1120832

Laura, Hampus and Olga

P1120833 P1120836 P1120839 P1120845

 Double E : Edvin and Ebba

P1120850 P1120852

Mikki and Norna

P1120856 P1120858

Boys boys boys. Mr Rosen, Mr Brodin, Mr Benglers, Mr Bergstrom and Mr Lettstrom

P1120862 P1120874 P1120878 P1120885 P1120895 P1120902 P1120924 P1120928

P1120944 P1120947

 Me and the beautiful Hanna G


Fun to have Anna over from NYC 🙂


I bloody loved the bartenders. This guy in particular.

P1120956 P1120971

Love this picture of me and Richard


After the party ended, we went onto Rose, a nightclub in Stockholm. Crystal chandeliers in the ceiling couldn’t prevent the inevitable : it all went a bit blurry after this.

P1120986 P1120987 P1120988