P1080608Happy Sunday everybody and Happy Birthday to me! It was my barfday birthday yesterday and as per usual on such an occasion I congratulated myself on surviving another year. Considering the fact that I treat pretty much everyday like it’s my birthday/ a day for celebration, this little detail made no big difference yesterday, especially since I’m still in social exile in the woods. That being said, I actually had a pretty awesome day- me and Hanzel went looking for gingerbread houses in the woods and in the evening, we had a lovely dinner at my cousins place. As you can see here in the pictures, it is of crucial importance to have huge hair when braving these woods. Just trying to become more environmentally active, you know, and this way, the birds can nest and all. I think I look especially inviting to a particular breed of endangered white backed wood pecker- come along fledglings and raptors, and rejoice in our flaxen manes!

Now a quick note on this whole “getting older” business. Can people please stop panicking about birthdays and getting older? Having reservations about getting older is kind of the same as saying “I don’t wanna live”. Like, ok, you’re ageing, deal with it. What alternative do you have? There ain’t no time machine, so forget it. I don’t bother myself with such boring and useless thoughts such as age- every year should continue to pose new challenges and hopes, and every year should become more and more awesome. Thanks to all my friends and readers who continue to make said awesomeness a reality for me everyday. Lots of love! Xx

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