“Are you alive!?”

More than one friend asked me that question, in all seriousness, when I hadn’t uploaded anything on my social media or blog for a – for me – unusually long period. My response in the form of texts may not have been enough, so just to make to things extra clear, here’s a Friday Blog post for y’all. As evident, I am most certainly alive! I am extra alive, for I have been indulging in the type of food to make you feel that way. Raw, vegan, and whatnot.

I had my second article published for ultra cool new online magazine this week and here are the images and a little excerpt from the story. I highly suggest you click on this link to read the full piece, because I KNOW you guys like to party, and I have the antidote to the ball and chain of any party girl n’ boy – Guilt. No more guilt, people. Am I right? Check it out.

London is so awesome at the moment – most of my friends are away on fun trips but I have stayed here because I have so much work. Fantastic! So many incredibly exciting projects to be announced sooooon – watch this space!

Have a fabulous Friday everyone, and don’t forget to #Glamthefuckup




“Honestly, I feel like death. I can’t believe I did all that tequila.” Says one girl to her friend.

“Dude, at least you didn’t do any drugs. My body is begging for mercy, I swear. I feel like Chernobyl – toxic waste product galore.” Comes the respond of another girl and together they bow their heads for a minute of silence, mourning the evening they lost to our old friend Fun.

For how to survive in London, where every night is a promise of that infinite Fun, of Beautiful People and Adventure. How does one say no to all the pleasures of the capital? It’s simple: one doesn’t.

Instead, we party like there’s no tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes, we put on our Lululemon’s so we can go and sweat it out, and after, we go to refuel our brittle bones with natural goodness. Guilt free! That is the promise of the vegan sphere…”

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