We all know I’m a little Sloane Pony. But every once in a while, this Pony likes to canter East! I have many friends in East London, and I love going to visit them. There’s an abundance of fantastic cafes and restaurants, and so many cool shops. I love the pop up shops with new designers, and the vintage stores are very Macklemore. Yay, thrift shop! I dragged Minnie with me, with the promise that I have “The best glove store in the world” here. And I did! (Note: past tense.) Amazing leather gloves, for a a bargain, is what I used to get here… I felt like Alexia in Wonderland today, searching through a maze of graffiti:ed brick walls in a never ending search for my perfect gloves… Nevermind! Forgoing my Gloverdose, I found plenty of other interesting things instead (like, “virginal, bondage type dresses”. Could there be a better combo!?) Head towards Brick Lane kids, you’ll love it.

We met up with my friend Diane, who I first met at an after party. She is a philosophy student, and we clicked over heated discussions regarding existentialism and theories on Metropolitan life. And vodka. We went to Albion for some refreshments, a really nice cafe just off Redchurch Street. Next door to Albion is a cool hotel called The Boundary, if you ever need a place to crash in this neck of the woods.

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Total AlexiCat

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