Fotor0204132433Regret. A word full of negative connotations, anxiety and lost opportunities. A word that has no place in my vocabulary. It was subjected to a swift and sudden Tarantino- style execution when I realized that regret was in fact, a thing for cowards. Regretting something means that you blame yourself for decisions you’ve made, that later turned out to be “wrong”- I feel like it means that you don’t trust your own judgment, or that you in retrospect are scared of admitting that you were wrong. Regret is the lazy persons way out of a situation they wish they’d rather not been put in in the first place. Well, I am a firm believer in not regretting anything. If I start to worry myself of all the coulda- woulda- shoulda shit (and I guarantee you- there’s plenty of that in my life…should I ever take the time to consider it) I’d drive myself nuts. Instead, I like to think that I can’t regret it, because at the time I made that decision, that’s what I wanted. And one should never argue with the basic need of The Want! The thing you regret: it happened, so just deal with the consequences. Now, if I could, I’d love to jump into Doc’s DeLorean and go back in time and change some decisions that might not have been optimal, but that’s not gonna happen, so one might as well get over it.  A lot of people regret not taking chances, being cowards at times when they shouldn’t have been. Yeah, I totally adhere to the “don’t be a coward” philosophy, but rather than regret being one, just stop being one, you whimp! Yeah, it’ll save you a lot of agony my darling.

This topic is very wide and I could go on and on and on. So lets narrow it down a little, to Shopping Regret. Because is there any kind of regret more tangible than when you miss out on a really good bargain? Gruelling disappointment can strike those who “decide to wait” and have a look around the other stores, only to find that your limited edition- hand painted- hand crafted- custom made- vintage- one of a kind thingy is gone. Yeah, did you think you’re the only bitch in town who swoons at that description? Think again, loser. The fur jacket you see me wearing in the pictures, which I also just had to add bears a striking resemblance to Macklemore’s groovy coat, is one thing I deeply regret not buying. Vintage Zac Posen, decent price, looks insane, so…. so….so what the hell is wrong with me? It took me a long time to forgive myself for the stupidity/idiocy/lunacy of not buying it. Seriously, Alexia, you snooze you lose.

Impulse shopping can be glorious. I am with fashion just like I am with everything else in my life- if I make a choice, I stick by it: it takes less than a second for me to decide if I want something/someone, and then that’s that. Some call it reckless, some call it stupid. I call it a “charmingly naive spontaneity”. I have many crazy impulse purchases in my wardrobe that my friends have a fun time mocking me for on occasion- but you know what? No, I will never regret whatever item it is that receives the scornful treatment of my friends, because at the time I bought it, I really wanted it. Fashion Shaming doesn’t work on me. And that, my friend, is that.

Now, if you follow the above sentiment, and you just impulsively buy everything that grabs your fancy, you’ll be bankrupt in no time. So that’s not what I’m saying- don’t buy everything you like (and don’t kiss every guy you like, either). Just be selective enough, and learn how to weed out the bad stuff from the good stuff. Eventually, you’ll learn how to differentiate between the spectacular impulse buy vs the hideous fashion faux- pas. With clothes, I’ve mastered the art to perfection. With men however, I still like to kiss the bad ones every once in a while… just to know how to recognise which ones to avoid, of course. But I’ll save that story for the next #dontbeacoward.