Storhogna Högfjällshotell & Spa


I love snow.

Is it because one of my favorite colors is white? Oh yes – I do like this color of innocence and lost virtues. It resonates with me. Is it because it’s cold? While I’m not adverse to a bit of a chill, I’m not too crazy about the minus. No – it’s because of all the fun things it entails: Skiing. Dressing up. Dressing down. Skiing.

It was a long, long time ago since I traveled to the northern parts of Sweden. A sudden urge Continue reading



An American friend of mine once remarked how, when us Swedes have a party, we seem to always be dressed in ball gowns and tuxedos. This sentiment was discussed briefly before the epic #HB25 birthday party this Saturday, with a certain Norwegian friend quite accurately bringing our attention to the facts: Continue reading

One Night in Stockholm

P1100334I had to dash over to Stockholm. Why? I had to go to the dentist.

This was a great cause of amusement to my British friends who snickered in disbelief. “Why on earth would you go to another country to go to the dentist? We have perfectly good oral hygiene here!” Are you taking the fucking piss? Take a bloody look in the mirror, mate.

So I headed to Sweden in pursuit of the pearly whites. I had done my own diagnosis (Google) and come to the conclusion that my mouth was falling apart. “You don’t understand” I said severely to my long term dentist “We are dealing with disaster. I don’t care what you have to do – drill this shit like it’s a promising oil well in Texas, but I want this bitch of a mouth clean – you hear me!?” My poor dentist looked at me, frightened. “Oh, dear, this sounds serious, let’s have a look.”   “Yes. But also hear this: I want you to Continue reading

Happy Birthday To Me

P1080608Happy Sunday everybody and Happy Birthday to me! It was my barfday birthday yesterday and as per usual on such an occasion I congratulated myself on surviving another year. Considering the fact that I treat pretty much everyday like it’s my birthday/ a day for celebration, this little detail made no big difference yesterday, especially since I’m still in social exile in the woods. That being said, I actually had a pretty awesome day- me and Hanzel went looking for gingerbread houses in the woods and in the evening, we had a lovely dinner at my cousins place. As you can see here in the pictures, Continue reading

Dirty South – Country Stylin’

P1080291 2Every once in a while, a city gal like me has to get back to her countryside roots. Activate: Social Reclusion. I swept in here to the south of Sweden a while back, and I’ve been chillin like a villain. Now, chillin’ is all good and dandy for short periods of time, but in all honesty, one found oneself rather bored after a while. So, I called in for back up. Enter, the one and only, the woman; myth;legend: Hanna. Those of you who know me well might think it odd that she has yet to make an appearance on this blawg, so here she finally is. Her and I are holed up here in my crib, just doing the usual: drawing caricatures of people we know, writing a TV series, playing in the woods and climbing trees. Glorious!

As I’m writing this, it’s 7.30 in the morning and she just entered the kitchen. Having awoken from what I can only assume was a very good dream she greeted me this morrow with “My brain is so awesome!” and allowed herself a little chuckle. Can’t wait to hear what that dream was about!

Here are some pictures Continue reading

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