On the last day of our recent trip to the Italian coast, Alexandra and I were strolling around the Piazzetta in Capri, oh-ing and ah-ing over hand embroidered lace, porcelain painted with patterns of the regional lemons, guidebooks and… shit, we’re turning into our mothers. In a moment of confused defiance (“I mean seriously, the guidebooks, they’re just so much fun to have, you know”) two Italian men spotted our weakened state and went up to us.

“Why do you hate the sun!?” One of them demanded of me, motioning wildly to my white complexion.

“Oh no, my dear man. I don’t hate the sun; the sun hates me”

“Ah ah ah! How funny!” (Note how Italian men always Continue reading

Pompeii Style


Six friends were reunited last week on the Mediterranean sea. Needless to say, loads of fun, loads of pictures – let me tell you (almost) all about it. Say hello to Laura, Lisa, Isabelle, Alexandra and Marika! #crew

The Pisces in me is at one with the sea – this much is true. Even so, that first night on board, I honestly thought I was going to chunder everywhere. But rest assured – my gills are made of strong stuff, and after overcoming my shakiness, those sea legs of mine were screwed on tight.

Before we could get lazy with all the Italian wine, we decided to check out Pompeii. Now, I am well aware that none of you rascals ended up on this blog in your search for deeper archeological knowledge/ historical enlightenment, but I think Continue reading

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