On the last day of our recent trip to the Italian coast, Alexandra and I were strolling around the Piazzetta in Capri, oh-ing and ah-ing over hand embroidered lace, porcelain painted with patterns of the regional lemons, guidebooks and… shit, we’re turning into our mothers. In a moment of confused defiance (“I mean seriously, the guidebooks, they’re just so much fun to have, you know”) two Italian men spotted our weakened state and went up to us.

“Why do you hate the sun!?” One of them demanded of me, motioning wildly to my white complexion.

“Oh no, my dear man. I don’t hate the sun; the sun hates me”

“Ah ah ah! How funny!” (Note how Italian men always seem to laugh in reverse? Ah instead of the standard Ha?)

The Italian suddenly got serious and looked me deep in the eyes.

“When you look at me… I feel… without clothes!”

Alexandra, ever the helpful cupid, added that she too thought I was indeed undressing him with my eyes. A brief discussion of my powerfully penetrating eyes led to an invitation to dinner and later on, partying at Anema e Core. However, these ladies gently declined the invitation in favour of other dinner plans, but thank you anyway.

Anema e Core is, by the way, the place to go for some late night fun. Live music (which we obviously helped sing – how nice of us!) and completely packed every night. The crowd is certainly an interesting mix – locals, boat people, and a hint of ITP’s (In The Papers) makes this fun, relaxed and totally awesome – just like the rest of this amazing island!  Absolutely love Capri.

P1110933P1110720 P1110736 P1110738 P1110744 P1110758

Sure, go ahead, call me Goldilocks

P1110788 P1110806

Marika helping he band. Mamma Mia!

P1110823 P1110835 P1110848

Laura helping the band

P1110944 P1110959 P1110992 P1110995 P1110998 P1120012

I’m wearing a beautiful pink silk dress by British label Chartwell and G

P1120021 P1120031 P1120047 P1120068 P1120077

I felt like a bit of dressing up couldn’t hurt? I totally had a red fan, too.

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Drinking bellinis and people watching on the Piazzetta