DSC_0059Hello my fellow Culture Vultures! Have you been to the Saatchi Gallery lately? Neither had I! I love this gem of a gallery in the heart of Chelsea- walking distance from Sloanerz. The current exhibition is called “Body Language” and features 19 different artist. Body Language- lot’s of nudity. But of course You, my dear and dirty reader, don’t mind a bit of the ol’ au natural. Lot’s to see- some more and some less inspiring. I couldn’t resist fooling around a bit and re-enacting one of the sculptures- I make a fine hunchback, don’t you think? Head down there while you can, it’s on until the 23rd of March! (Oh, and it’s free!)

For more info, go to http://www.saatchigallery.com

DSC_0084DSC_0101 DSC_0113 DSC_0119 DSC_0133DSC_0141

She looks uncomfortable


Which one should I get? Naughty or Nice?

DSC_0150DSC_0163DSC_0164DSC_0175DSC_0180DSC_0181DSC_0185DSC_0187DSC_0194DSC_0195DSC_0196DSC_0207Taking a break from the Selfie’s in favour of The Art