I’m developing a serious blow dry addiction. I just hate washing my own hair- it’s so time consuming and boring and it never looks as good when I do it myself as when I go to the hairdresser, obviously. If I don’t go and get my hair done, I just leave it to dry on it’s own, giving it a natural wave. Today, I went to my favourite London salon Hari’s. There’s one o King’s Road and one on Old Brompton Road- both are great! Plus, there’s a bar so you can order drinks while you wait.

This weekend, we started talking about men who blow dry their hair. WTF is up with that? It’s a big turnoff if a guys hair takes longer than mine. So just: PUT. THAT. DRYER. DOWN! As if that wasn’t enough- my friend who’s sitting next to me right now just informed me that her ex had so much chest hair, he used to blow dry that too. And apparently, he wore Y-front underwear. And she once caught him “showering” (hosing himself off) on the street in front of his house… Ok, I’m leaving this lunch now.