Decided to go on a mini hike, Barbie style. Very good, in case the coast guard would have to rescue me: Hey over here! I’m the fluorescent European idiot who cant find my way back to the beach! But fret not, sweet readers, no such thing occurred- in fact, we got back so safely, we decided to head to Do Brazil. It’s a really great restaurant situated just by Shell Beach. When I was a kid, Shell Beach was made entirely out of shells- there is a cool picture of Claudia Schiffer by Patrick Demarchelier, naked on this beach, if you care to Google it. Now there are some shells there, but they have to refill the beach every once in a while in order to live up to the name. Speaking of Brazilians- I bumped into some Brazilian friends here the other day. I love it that I run into friends from all over the world on this island (but of course mostly New Yorkers. I love New York boys!)

So, do you know that this island used to be Swedish? For almost a hundred years, we were the bawses of this place. But of course, we couldn’t handle it, and had to give it back to the French… Can you imagine what the island would have been like, had it remained Scandi? I imagine it would’ve been the  touristy, meet- balled, Croc-ified shame of the West Indies. The island isn’t even big enough for an IKEA, for crying out loud! The Swedish legacy lives on here, in little quirky ways such as the names of the streets, and some Swedish memorabilia here and there. And of course, there is a small Viking invasion each year 😉

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Getting rid of some inexplicable male anger… by throwing rocks.



My bro’s are not as skilled as taking selfies as I am. But they’re learning!



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