1002011_591045980931271_1927081395_nHey you crazy kids, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: I love to party.

We all know I have a very simple taste- I only like the best of everything. Be it food, travel, men…raves. Oh yes, I have a serious addiction to deep house.

Since I moved to London, like a century ago, I’ve been a devoted fan of the Another Party parties. They’re organised by dear friends of mine, in cool venues all over London. Originally (before I’d developed my love for deep house) I started going to the parties because of all the hot guys. Yeah, you heard me- me and Hanna and all our other Swedish lady friends would go to scout new talent: like truffle pigs sniffing out the most gorgeous truffles, we’d roam the warehouses with feet moving in time with the music in search for these hot dudes. And there are plenty.

The last time I went, it was for the Halloween edition. I love the good ol’ body paint, and that time, I went as a golden Geisha (in all honesty, I ended up looking more like one of those gilded, Chinese cats with the waving arm…) I had a total blast! So, I’m super excited to be going to their next party, next weekend, on January the 25th. Super DJ’s Steve Lawler, Mathew Johnson, James Manero and Jimmy Lainas will all be spinning at this 4th birthday party of this, now famed, institution. It’ll be held at The Coronet, which is a sick venue.

So if you wanna shake your ass with me and my army of hotties, get your tickets now at


If you wanna book a table, send an email to info@anotherparty.co.uk and name drop me, as your reference 😉

Aight, one last thing- check out the video below to see what the Halloween party was all about. Keep an eye out for me at 0.45 haha


1513999_618679928167876_868263693_n 1551771_619892971379905_874809626_nThe Coronet