P1070233The other day, I took a walk on the wild side and broke into an ambulance. Now, what would compel me to do such a thing? The opportunity presented itself and I fell back on my go-to argument of One Might As Well. I was on my way home from a night on the town and there it was; bright yellow, bright green, and not an Official to be seen. You’d think it’d be really hard, right, to break into such an imposing chariot of rescue? No no! Really, it was more entering rather than breaking. All you have to do is just press a button on the side of the vehicle and the whole thing just opens up- like a transformer robot, or a beautiful piece of engineered origami. I walked up to the ambulance, in plain view for anyone to see, and just pressed the Button on the side. A little step shot out from the side and I entered. My accomplice got scared and ran away, so I was left to my own devices and took some #ambulanceselfies. Remember that time I tried to take a #smuggleselfie? This was far easier! And then the ambulance people, the medics showed up. They didn’t seem surprised at all to see me, in fact, they greeted me in a rather friendly manner, whereas the border people hadn’t been happy about having me there at all (if you invite someone to come in and have a chat, you can at least pretend to like their company, border people! Cuppa tea?). The pictures you see are the glorious photo credit of a medic, or an ambulance driver. Yep, they seemed totally happy to have me sticking around! They did have a few questions though, such as “You alright, love? If you’re looking for drugs, you wont find any.” I guess this is a quite common occurrence then? “Oh, it happens, but not usually in this part of town”. Fancy that! Now before you (laboriously) climb up on you High Horse of Morals, let me tell you that breaking and entering is not a usual activity of mine. Please don’t think me ignorant or ungrateful for the valuable job being carried out by the outstanding members of the Medical force- without them, our society would collapse. But every now and again, they need a little entertainment on the job, from a rascal like me. Glad to be of service, to lighten up the mood.


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