It would seem that every day here just gets better and better- none of us has any problems adapting to the island lifestyle. What I love about this place is that it’s truly unique in the sense that it has something for everyone; if you want to pop bottles next to celebs one night you can do that, and the next have a super chilled out dinner at a relaxed restaurant. The difference between here and for example St Tropez is that this feels less pretentious, less like people are trying to prove something and there’s no need to brag or show-off as much (note; as much); we’re all here on the same terms and we all want to have a good time! I’m so happy and grateful for being here – I feel like I never want to leave! I’m so happy in fact, that I’ve started dancing around like a mad woman around the house… later, I’ll post our playlist so you can hear what tunes are making me want to shake my booty so badly.

The other night we went out a big group of friends for dinner at Bagatelle. But before our dinner, we decided to do something completely opposite, so we headed to Select. This is as local as it gets- it’s in the middle of town, and it’s a burger joint that’s been around since 1949, making it the first restaurant on the island. Legendary place with the tagline “Burgers in Paradise”, with a drink costing around 2 euros, and the same for a pack of cigarettes. Since our grandfather started coming here about 30 years ago, our family has become friends with many locals, including the owner of Select. He is in fact such a big lover of Sweden, that the whole place is filled with Swedish stuff- stickers and flags and anything you can think of! Apparently, the place is now for sale- the owner has eight kids, and they all want one million euros each, putting the price tag at 8 million!

After Select we went to Bagatelle to have dinner and get our groove on- we had a fantastic time! But then again, how can we not, when we have such a wonderful group of friends? After dinner, we headed over to Yacht Club to continue the booty shaking. There was so much booty shaking in fact, that my brother Fredrik had a girl give him a good twerk- spectacular! Drama ensued when William got jealous of Fredrik, and tried to snag her away from him from right under his nose. When we left the club, the girl had disappeared and for the rest of the evening (and the next day) we all gave him copious amounts of shit for not closing with her. ABC Fredrik- Always Be Closing!!




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Drinking planters punch at Select


I love these people so much!


John shows us the specials of the day. Thank you!

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I promise, she’s not naked haha!