Hello my darling.

I am Alexia Bergstrom, although sometimes, I am Alexicat.

Alexia is a writer, booknerd and beauty junkie. Alexicat is a naughty girl who sometimes grabs those goods by the balls and busts out content to amuse, seduce and induce your world with inspiration in your daily life. On this site, the twain shall meet to deliver informative and not so informative content on literature, creativity, beauty and self-love.

I’ll be sharing ideas and tools that light me up creatively, mindfully and beautifully. I hope they will do the same for you.

Thank you so much for being here. Your presence is felt <3

Xx Alexia


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The photo above and on the header of this website were shot at Blakes Hotel in London

Photographed by Anna Martensson

Make up by Daniel Sallstrom