In Sweden, we celebrate Christmas on the 24th. We had a lovely dinner at our villa with the family and I felt  content with my decision not to go out. But you know, opening gifts and drinking champagne kind of gets you in a very decent Christmas spirit… so when Agnes texted me at 22.30 asking if I wanted to go out, I was helpless. It had to be done. Here’s the deal: I’m here with my two brothers, William and Fredrik, who are very Begstromesque and awesome and between the three of us we have so many friends on the island: even some of our best friends from Sweden took the long journey over, on our recommendation! They came for the first time last year and they’re now St Barth’s addicts, just like myself. During the day we tan on the beaches and nurse hangovers with Rose wine, and in the evenings we get up to no good at Yacht Club or  in someones house or yacht. Having such a big group of good friends here is truly wonderful, and I LOVE going out with my boys. BUT there’s only one problem… Last year, a sense of confusion and hurt pride lingered in my mind the entire stay… Why on earth was no one hitting on me? I know this may come off as very narcissistic and self obsessed, but seriously, being here for a month (yes, a month) without anyone laying the moves on me? Unheard of. Then, one of the last nights of last year’s trip, me, Agnes and Anna decided to go out by ourselves; it was like opening Pandora’s Box. So many guys came up to us, all with the same question: Are you without your Viking Bodyguards tonight? 

So that’s why! Listen guys, they may all be tall and handsome but they are not going to knock you to the ground (without good reason). Anyway, so on the 24th, when Agnes texted me, there was a very obvious fact that had to be taken into consideration- we would be going out solo. We decided to have a good ol’ fashioned AA meeting- Alexia and Agnes, that is 🙂 we both got ready in a heartbeat and pretty soon we were all over First FLoor (former V Lounge) and later in the night, Yacht Club and then a friends villa. We hung out with friends from New York and London and we both drank like thirsty little Mahi Mahi fish (a local specialty). We were totally on fire, so much so, that I forgot to take pictures at the club. Well, well there’ll be plenty of photo op’s still- after all, a month is a month.