Last night we stayed in and chilled at the house. I took a sleeping pill so I would fall asleep earlier, but it was hard… I’ve been out almost every night now, and last nights plan to detox hit me like a slap in the face. I dreamt weird dreams all night, and didn’t get much sleep… Is this my body’s way of telling me that I should not start the detox quite yet? I’ll sleep when I’m dead? Anyway, I feel the best cure for any ailment is to just go to the ocean! My little Pisces heart grows calm when I’m close to it.

Speaking of star signs, have your read your monthly horoscope yet? I’m hopelessly addicted to it, and I’m deeply interested in astrology. I usually read Susan Miller’s from www.astrologyzone.com and I find them very accurate. I just read my January forecast and it looks like I’ll be having an amazing month, with lots of romance! How delightful! If I lived in medieval times, I might have been a witch. This summer, I found a “witch camp” in Sweden, that I tried to persuade my friend to go to with me… Perhaps we’ll forgo our visit to South of France this summer, and join a Witch Cult in the woods of Sweden instead?

Anyway, today I went to Colombier with my brothers. The house you see on top of the hill, was built by David Rockefeller in the 50’s, long before the island became a popular destination for jet-set and celebrities. It is so secluded, it is almost impossible to get to… Maybe one day I’ll manage a hike up there. As far as I know, no one lives there now. Squatters rights, anyone?


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