US Tour, Because, Why Not?


A visual account of my recent 3 – week trip to the States. Washington for the inauguration. Los Angeles for fun. Park City, Utah, for skiing. New York for friends and meetings. It was all very #glamthefuckup!

I consider this a gentle start to kick starting my beloved blog again. I will be writing my usual, tongue-in-cheek posts again soon, until then, you’ll have to be the voyeur 😉

For daily shenanigans, I encourage you, my darling, to follow me on snapchat @alexicatlondon and Instagram @alexiabergstrom

Lastly; none of these images reflect my political beliefs! 

Lots of love to all of you! Have a fabulous weekend,

Xx Alexicat



Photo by Getty images of Antalya Nall – Cain and I at the inauguration. These were from the official Forbes afterparty.



Man selling Trump merchandise on the street.


The White House


Snipers on the roof…


Protestors walking the streets of Washington.


Library of Congress ball


I wore a gorgeous gown by Zetterberg Couture – check them out!


I crack a joke right before snap-time


Los Angeles! The glorious city of Angels! We stayed at Chateau Marmont for the first night and threw a big party in our bungalow.


My darling friend Cassandra Harris Dodge invited me to join her in LA for a weekend of fun! ❀


Went to an absolutely awesome Burning Man party to celebrate the Chinese New Year, at the Houdini Mansion. Sick!


A bunch of international friends just happened to be in the same city at the same time. Fun!


After LA, I was off to Park City, Utah for some skiing. My favourite sport! The snow was just incredible! We missed Sundance Film Festival by mere days, but all the better for us – the slopes were all ours!


Had to make a stop in one of my favourite cities – New York! I have so many best friends here nd it was wonderful to see them again. I will be back soon, I promise!


Reunited with our good friend from Burning Man, Miles 🙂

Messing around the Soho house photo booth 😉

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