Retro Beach Pics


I’ma throw it back to this Christmas, when my friend Agnes took these retro inspired photos of me, casually posing on the beach and by the poolside. Like, Oh Hi, didn’t see you there! And you have a camera! How serendipitous!

That is one of the secrets to posing; you need to be able to switch it on and off in an instant. Like a good boy-scout, I am always ready.

I’m not one of those sun worshipers who need the sun regularly in order not to turn into  a suicidal zombie, but of course, I don’t mind it every once in a while. Especially not on mornings like these; in case you haven’t turned on the London news or looked out your window yet, here’s a hint from the meteorologist: the weather sucks. Grey and gloomy like the wet dream of a dementor. Hmm, I think I shall have to go Alexicating down to a beach in the near future…


Happy Thursday

xx A




I’m wearing a body suit by Skin Bikini and this was shot in St Barths

Alexia by the pool done

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