Glam the F*** Up


I am a strong believer in creating whatever reality you wish to live. I have no time for sayings such as “You can’t do that” and “That is not realistic”. Realism is a real downer, wouldn’t you say?

People who complain that their lives aren’t glamorous or exciting are probably great spokespeople for Realism. I understand that the struggles of daily life might sometimes get in the way of the pursuit of sophistication and adventure, but one can always try, right? You can start by dressing accordingly.

I also realize that “dressing accordingly” might present some problems. Perhaps you work in a fish processing factory on a socially deserted coastline in the Antarctic? Perhaps you have a limited budget that won’t allow you to buy anything out of the absolute essentials? Perhaps you hate buying clothes and think this whole notion is really, really stupid?

Well here’s the punchline and the saving grace: “Dressing accordingly” is merely code for dressing in a way that makes You feel like the best version of yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to go and spend a fortune or change the way you look. What triggers a sense of everyday glamor is completely individual, but if you can identify the things that makes you feel good and add an extra sparkle to your day, I believe you are well equipped with another tool for making your day awesome. Small changes make a big difference.

It doesn’t have to be connected to the way you dress either: consider it a way of dressing your mind. What thoughts put me in the right direction? Happiness and health are the ultimate luxuries, so how can I change the way I think in order to  feel like a happy, opulent, gorgeous motherfucker?

This is possible, I promise. Everyday can be a sexy, fun, creative adventure. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and Glam the Fuck Up.


Above and below: shot at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray  by Chris Norgaard.

DSC_0063DSC_0080DSC_0075DSC_0057DSC_0078DSC_0068DSC_0088DSC_0163With one of my favorite human beings on this planet, Chris!


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