Purple Haze

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 16.01.42

I feel tricked and betrayed – by my own memory. Last time I checked, I had a whole week left here in St Barth’s – apparently not so. I’m leaving tomorrow, back to London, and here I’ll share a few pictures my talented friend Agnes Fischer took – I love the ‘Purple Haze’ theme in these ones!  To find more of her work, head to her website https://agnes-fischer.squarespace.com/

Don’t I wish I had a full time photographer following me around everyday? Beats any old selfie stick, that’s for sure…

10914740_10152641492406295_4676930309614975143_o10904108_10152641494171295_8932452332787000691_oThe two images above, me wearing white, are from New Years Eve. I hardly have to tell you – it wasa spectacular night. Houseparty, Nikki Beach, Villa Rockstar. Fun Fun Fun! unnamged10900209_10152641508336295_260543513824941767_o

906340_10152641507376295_7946040513921884747_o 1490750_10152641498561295_8670862089813984589_o 10295159_10152641495456295_4793904614578685197_o 10872755_10152641499346295_3891552599846172874_oAbove – the most beautiful cliffs at Grand Fond

10873574_10152643530036295_9059367117474117442_o 10915118_10152643525476295_6079066828918576270_oMe posing above Gustavia. More images from this little session to come!

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