Bikini Beach Time

ALEXIA COLOR BEACHLet me tell you one of the 500 perks of being here in St Barth’s for almost a month: The Calm After the Storm. Over New Year’s it really is an intense schedule: parties that can’t be missed, beaches that shan’t remained unbeached and, well, parties that can’t be missed. So to have this luxury to stay on a couple of more days after things have calmed down a bit is glorious – it is my insurance that I won’t return to London looking like a Toxic Waste Product. Would hate to have another bout with customs! No, no, better look my usual, inconspicuous self. 😉

These photos here were taken by my friend Agnes Fischer, who’s also in the pictures. Aren’t they cool? We’re on the Saint Jean beach and I’m wearing a bikini from the Mc2 Saint Barth store in Gustavia.BEACH_ALEXIA_SKINNY BITCH

ALEXIA BEACH EDITEDALEXIA BLACK AND WHITE BEACHALEXIA_STANDING ON THE STAIRSbeach palms windbeach sessions_alexia agnesbeach sessionsbeach sessions_alexia_snyggpalms

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