Box, Beat and Birthday

P1090058This weekend, London was graced by the presence of American friends. Glorious! There was a big birthday dinner at Soho House on Friday and then we went to Beat. As you know, I’ve been in Social Siberia for a loooong time, and this was my first outing amongst humans so I was pretty much bouncing off the walls at finally being released from this awful social starvation. Hungry for fun, we also spent the whole Saturday at Anglesea Arms and The Westbourne- these places come highly recommended in terms of daytime drinking. There was also time for a dinner at Coya, before enjoying the performances of naked ladies in fluorescent body paint at The Box. Who can ever say no to a weekend like this? You Americans need to come back soon!


P1080991 P1090029 P1090043
P1090049 P1090053 P1090056P1090059P1090079

4 responses

  1. Arent chicks banned from ROTK …

    Btw your blogs designs great, but your font spacing is diabolical, the letters in your font are too close, giving your blog a messy, busy look, instead of a clean professional design

    Put some spacing in between your letters, using the font tool in wordpress …

    Your friendly neighbourhood OCD. gfx designer in the house …

    • Hey there! Well, this chick likes to go where others dare not.. 😉

      Thanks for the tips, I know the graphics are a mess, but you know, I’m a girl, thus know nothing about these things! Now I gotta go and locate the font tool…

      • Hey,

        Np, let me know if you cant find it, & ill dig up a tutorial for you, post a comment here, or post a comment over at my blog

        Btw, I tried really, really, hard not to troll your blog … lol, I realise this blogs more for your social circle, then consumption for peeps

        But all those selfies, is alot like waving a juicy steak to go to town for guys like me lol

        Feel free to give me an A+ on self retraint & a medal in keeping my trap shut … lol

      • Haha, A+ coming right up! Some other people on here don’t have your capacity for graceful restraint, trust me, I know this already. My selfies etc do indeed seem to ruffle a few feathers, but that’s all good. No harm in annoying and amusing a little bit, I think! 🙂

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