Cartoon Hanexia



Heey check out these cartoons Hanna made of us a while ago. What do you think? Likeness? #Hanexia

Once in New York, I met a man who was apparently a famous cartoonist. He said he wanted to “cartoon” me and make me a “superhero/villain”… hmm, doesn’t that just sound too suspicious? Well, he missed his chance. Perhaps Hanna can start a cartoon Hanexia series here for the blog instead?

Speaking of Hanexia- I think it’s high time that she gets her ass back to London now… What is she doing over there in Sweden anyway? No one really knows. Rumours as to her exact whereabouts are circulating freely, but no one really cares nothing has been verified. And I know she’s reading this, so yeah, I’m talking to You: Come back here now!

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