Minnie’s Leaving Dinner

P1060272So last night we had a goodbye dinner for our beloved MInnie who’s moving to New York! It feels like all my friends are moving there now! More and more reasons to come and visit 🙂

We had a big dinner at PJ’s o Fulham Road, with loads of Espresso Martinis and gossip. The “cultural diversity” (Indian, Swedish, German, Brazilian, British and French!) fuelled some interesting conversations. I sat next to Laura, and as per usual, our conversation went from weird to absurd in about a minute. I actually made some notes on my phone about some of the interesting topics, a few of which I want to do  more research on. The list included these key words:

“He wore low cut pants and a T-shirt that said Pussy Tease”

“Moon- crazy”

“Knights armour”


“He broke his finger while….”

So yeah, maybe in the future you’ll read more about some of these curious subjects. For now, I’ll bid you adieu on this awesome Friday, and hope you have a fabulous night! Xx

P1060275 P1060282P1060291P1060311 P1060318 P1060321 P1060323 P1060325 P1060329 P1060331 P1060335 P1060340 P1060343 P1060344 P1060349 P1060359 P1060379 P1060388 P1060391

Photo bomb

P1060392 P1060395

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