Le Ti


The other night, we had another wild one at Le Ti. As it turned out, we had friends at many tables and of course, it turned into quite a party! This is the kind of place where they have girls dancing half naked through dinner and people  ordering champagne bottles with sparklers, instead of wine. Whatever floats your boat, right? We once, foolishly, took our mother here for dinner. At the time, my youngest brother Fredrik was about 13, and after that, there was a constant mutter of “naked girls” and “sparklers” whenever that “horrid” place was brought up. Fredrik, poor darling, was effectively banned from going there for far too many years. Well, now his ban has been lifted, and he may once again enjoy the exotic dances of the Caribbean nights and Bunnies.

Once again, I found my way to the dress- up room. Officer Lex, reporting for duty! After Le Ti, we swung by a friend’s house who lived close by, before continuing at Yacht Club. I can tell you, the next day I felt a little… fragile. I now intend to take it a little easier, before my return to London later this week: wouldn’t it be wonderful, if I could return in a more rested state than how I left? Or will I need a vacation after the vacation? I’ll get back to you on that one.


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